Social Followings – Building A Brand

I’m sure everyone is familiar with social networks, but did you know you can use your followings to make money?
Advertisement is all about reaching people who would buy your products/services. Social media is one of the latest ways companies are using to reach people. After all nearly everyone is on social media right?

So how can you use social media to make money?

All you have to do is create content that interesting, exciting or relatable and gets shared lots. This over time will gain you followers. Once you have enough followers companies will be willing to pay you money to advertise their products/services through your social media.

Initially to build your brand the best way tends to be through your friends and family by asking them to share your content and follow your brand. Hashtags can also be a good way to grow your brand as people will use them to find content they are interested in.

Once you have an initial following, there are lots of different methods to help grow your social media following, one I like is offering a giveaway, particularly one relevant to your brand. The best way to market this is to ask people to share you post and follow your page to be entered for a chance to win a prize related to your brand. By giving away something which is essentially free to enter this means lots of people will be willing to share the post and follow your page. in addition to this as the item you are giving away is relevant to your brand this helps ensure that you attract the right kind of people to your page who will be genuinely interested in your future content.

You can also go down the root of targeted ads using google/facebook or even instagram with promoted posts by people relevant to your brand or paid ads that the platforms provide. Ensuring that you target the right people is very important, this can be done using the platforms targeting tools or by getting a promoted post to someone relevant to your brand. For example if your brand is all about fishing it would be a good idea to get a promoted post from someone well established in the fishing world.

Once you have attracted people to your website/social media site from targeted ads or promoted posts you want to ensure they come back. You can do this by having lots of engaging and interesting content and making it an easy as possible for them to share it with others. If your current user base share your content with others this helps you to get more genuinely interested followers and allows you to follow up with these users to keep them engages. Sharing on social media is one of the most powerful ways to get people to view your content so make sure its easy for people to share, having follow buttons and share buttons on any content you create on blog/website is very important.

Once you have an established following there are many different ways you can convert this to real money, read more here.