Referral Links

Referral links are a great way to make money from visitors to your brand, by posting links to products or service that are relevant to your brand this can be useful for your users to show them products and services they will be interested in and also allows you to earn a fee for referring them.

Most established companies offer referral links through affiliate schemes, these can be found by searching the company name followed by affiliate. 

Each affiliate may offer a different payment scheme some give a flat fee for each users you sign up and others give a percentage of earnings from the user you sign up. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the affiliate schemes you choose to use as if these aren’t followed you may not get paid and make sure the brands you promote are relevant to your own brand. 

There are also affiliate companies who handle affiliate schemes for multiple companies which can be useful for finding affiliate schemes. One is CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction).

Custom Domains

Custom Domains

A custom domain would be for example rather than

Custom domains give your site more authenticity and make them stand out from other sites.  You will also rank higher in search engines if you have a custom domain.

Custom domains do come at a cost though, however this is normally a small fee and is worth it for the difference it will make to your blog.

Once you have decide if you are going to get a custom domain you need to decide what your going to call your blog so that you can get a matching domain name.

Try to keep the name of your blog short, simple and catchy. Then pick a domain name based on that. Lets say your going to have a blog about fishing, you would not want to call your blog plenty of fish as there is already a dating site called this which could cause legal issues and will also make it more difficult to get traffic to your site. So you could go with something like “ontherod” you could then get the domain

How to get a custom domain

In order to get a custom domain you go to a domain registrar. Currently are offering 15% off domains here.

You can also buy a domain name from 1&1 who also offer dedicated WordPress hosting so it could be worth looking to see if one of their package deals works for you.

You can get a custom domain and view 1&1’s other services here.