Adding Ads To Your Website/Blog

Once you have regular views on your blog you can start to convert those views to money.

Serving ads to your users is one of the oldest ways to make money online, advertising giants like google allow you to set up Adsense which enables you to add adverts to your website/blog with ease and start making money. 

There are also a number of other providers who will pay you for having their ads on your website. Which you can find on the web.

These advertisements tend to pay either per click or per impression, be sure to read the terms and conditions to understand the payment structure of the advertisements you decide to use.

Always ensure that ads are relevant to your brand, this will help you and the advertiser as it helps the advertiser reach the right kind of people and shows your users content they may actually be interested in. 

Also try to ensure that ads are not to intrusive as this may lead to users using your site less or not at all!

Another less common way of making money through ads is through sponsors, you can ask companies and brands related to your brand if they would like to sponsor your website/blog. This will mean you will sell them some advertisment space on your website for a fixed period of time and they will pay you for this. 

Monetise Your Blog

So you’ve started a blog, written a few posts and gained a small following. Whats next? In this article we will explain a number of different methods you can use to make your blog into a passive income source.

  1. Google Ads.

The first and most simple way to make money from your blog is to include Google ads on your blog pages. You can do this very easily, signing up to Google is a simple process and can be done using a new or existing Google account. You do have to go through the approval process, so make sure your site is regularly updated, uses good English and has lots of interesting posts that are viewed.

2. Affiliate Schemes

Another way to make money from a blog is to use affiliate schemes. This is covered in another post, but overall the idea is you can sign up to sell services for other companies and receive a commission for getting people signed up to their service. They provide you with links and special content to use to help you attract customers to their business and you get a commission if they sign up. You can use this content on your blog if its reverent to your content.

3. Product Reviews

You can feature reviews on your blog about products relevant to the topic of your blog. Some companies may approach you to ask for these or you can approach them and ask if they would like you to review their product for a fee. You can also use this to promote products your selling on your Shopify store. You can read more about Shopify stores in our article here.