Referral Links

Referral links are a great way to make money from visitors to your brand, by posting links to products or service that are relevant to your brand this can be useful for your users to show them products and services they will be interested in and also allows you to earn a fee for referring them.

Most established companies offer referral links through affiliate schemes, these can be found by searching the company name followed by affiliate. 

Each affiliate may offer a different payment scheme some give a flat fee for each users you sign up and others give a percentage of earnings from the user you sign up. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the affiliate schemes you choose to use as if these aren’t followed you may not get paid and make sure the brands you promote are relevant to your own brand. 

There are also affiliate companies who handle affiliate schemes for multiple companies which can be useful for finding affiliate schemes. One is CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction).

How To Make Money With Marketing


The process of attracting prospective customers and raising awareness of a product or service.

Marketing is one of the biggest source of income online, all it involves is reach the right people online and introducing them to a product or service.

By doing this you can make money and there is many ways that you can get started very easily.

Affiliate Schemes

One of the main ways you can use marketing to make money is through affiliate schemes. For the majority of internet services you can find an affiliate scheme that you can sign up to you and get started straight away.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what an affiliate scheme is allow me to explain.

All companies want to attract new customers, one of the ways they do this is through affiliate schemes, this means that you get a customer to sign up to their service using your special link and you get paid commission for giving them a new customer. It’s that simple!

Some affiliate schemes even provide content you can use on your site such as banners or images which help to attract people to use your links.

There two ways of finding affiliate schemes, you can either search for <company name> affiliates using a search engine or you can sign up to CJ affiliate which is a company who provides access to thousands of affiliate schemes. You can simply search the site and find the affiliate schemes you want to use and get referral links and earn money.

Another way you can make money with marketing is by starting an online store, you can find out more in our article about it here.