Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Contract

Mobile phone contracts can be expensive, particularly if you want the latest handset with the best deal. But there is a trick you can use to save money and still have the latest handset and a deal that suits you.

But before I explain how to do this, you need to make sure you know what deal you need. So look at your recent months usage (this can be found on your bills) and see how much minutes, texts and data you use on a monthly basis.

So now the money saving part, did you know when you buy a contract with a phone and a SIM card your paying a premium on the cost of the handset? For Example lets take a look at this deal from EE:

Here you get the latest iPhone 7 32GB with 5GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £50.99 per month on a 24 month contract with an initial handset cost of £9.99.

That means your agreeing to pay £50.99 * 24  + £9.99 for the initial handset costs. The total of which comes to £1233.75!

Now if you were to purchase the handset alone that would cost £599 direct from Apple. this leaves you paying £643.75 over the 24 months for your data, minutes and texts. That works out at £26.45 per month.

On the very same site you can get the following deal for just £25.00

As you can see this deal offers 4 times as much data for £1.45 per month and not only that but your only in a 12 month contract which means you can change your contract in 12 months rather than having to wait for 24 months.

If you shop around and use comparison/Cashback websites you can save even more! Read my article here on comparison/Cashback sites.



Offers correct as of 30/04/2017.


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