Cashback Websites

Did you know you can save money when even when you buy a product? 

This is where cash back websites come in for anything from a mobile phone contract to flights you can save money without having to haggle. 

Cashback websites offer savings that can add up to thousands of pounds worth of savings over the years. On individual purchases you can save anywhere from pennies to hundreds of pounds and it all adds up to savings you otherwise wouldn’t have got for the exact same things you would have brought!

Cash Back Savings

Interested? So how do you get started.

Currently there are two main cash back websites, both are free to join as a basic member.

  1. Topcashback
  2. Quidco

Both have a lot of the same offers but they can vary sometimes so be sure to check both before you make a purchase.

Warning: Do not click through the link until you are sure which one you want to use as you may end up being tracked (more on this later). 

Current Accounts
Current Accounts

Some banks also offer cash back services when making purchases through them such as:

  • Barclays Blue Rewards
  • Halifax Rewards 
  • Natwest My Rewards

So ensure you check all of the potential options when making a purchase to ensure you are getting the best savings.

So how does it all work?

When you make a purchase with a business using a cash back site they pay the cash back provided for them referring you to use their services. Cash back sites then pass the money they have been paid back to you. This works well for both the business and the cash back site because its a cheeper way for the business to get new customers and make new sales and the cash back site can make money from referring you.

Businesses of all types are always looking to make sales and attract new customers, using traditional marketing methods can mean that they spend a lot of money on advertisement to make only a few sales. With cash back they are able to focus the money they are spending on customers who are actually making purchases and giving them money. 

Sounds great so how do you get started?

Once you have signed up to a cash back site anything you buy you should check if what you are buying is available through the cash back site as well. As previously mentioned make sure you check all the possible cash back options to find the best one.

Next you need to follow the link on the cash back website to the site that has the product or service you want to purchase. You need to make sure you use the links because this is how the cash back sites track you and ensure you get your cash back. Sometimes the tracking doesn’t work, if you have any issues be sure to contact the cash back site you used for help.

Once you have successfully made a purchase through a site the cash back should show up in your account on the cash back website you used. The time taken for this to show up and be available to withdraw can vary so be sure to check with the cash back site you are using and always withdraw as soon as you can. 

Warning: Some cash back sites have a minimum withdrawal amount you have to reach before you can withdraw money so be sure to keep any eye on this and withdraw as soon as you meet it. 

Now you can get started using cash back sites and making savings even when you spending money!

(All information correct as of 09/06/18)