Attracting Visitors To Your Blog

Attracting visitors to your blog is one of the most important things you need to do. It is no use having loads of great content if no one knows about it. So what do you have to do? How do you attract visitors to your site?

In order to attract visitors you need to increase your online presence and build your image.

Social Media

You do this by creating social media profiles and commenting on topics relevant to your blog and then direct people to your blog to read related details.

Social media is one of your most important marketing tools, be sure to post to your social media profiles each time you publish a new blog post. You need to let people know about your articles and give them any easy way to share your content via retweets/shares of your post. Also add social media sharing buttons to your blog if you don’t have them already, this allows people to easily share your content with their followers, which in turn brings more people to your blog.

You can also use social media to remind people of your older posts or let people know when they have been updated to bring old visitors back and raise awareness of your older articles that your followers may be interested in.


You can also use social media advertisements, social media advertisements can be an excellent way to initially attract traffic to your site. Although there may be cost involved its an excellent way to kick start a following and once you have an initial following you can then use this to attract more and more visitors.

You can also advertise your blog by doing guest posts on someone else’s blog. If you see a blog that focuses on a topic similar to the topic of your blog, don’t be afraid to leave a comment for the owner asking if you could do a guest post on their site and in return offer to let them do one on your site.

Mailing lists are another great way to advertise your blog, you can either buy an existing list or build your own. Once you have a list you just need to write captivating emails and provide lots of links to your site and provide enough information to capture the readers interest but not enough that they don’t need to visit your site.

Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing your first blog post may seam daunting and like a big challenge. A million and one things will be going through your head, what do I write, what should be my first post, how do I write captivating and engaging posts?  So what is the answer, how do you get started with your first blog post?

Step 1

Well the first step is to jump in there, make yourself a drink, brainstorm some five ideas relevant to your topic write them down. Then you have a list to use as a guide on what to write about.

Always remember you can always update your blog post at a later date and this will get easier and easier as you continue writing posts and updating content. The hardest part is getting your first post out after that they will just start to flow naturally.

If you are really struggling you can always take inspiration from other content on the internet and read it to make you think about what to write and how to structure your posts.

Step 2

Now you have written your first post hit that publish button and get it out there for the world to see. Share with your friends and family and ask for feedback on your content, ask them what they would do to improve it and what they would like to see differently. This will help you to understand what people want more and you will learn how to improve your posts over time.


WordPress Host

So you have a domain name, if you didn’t get a WordPress host as part of a package with your domain the next step is to choose a WordPress host.

There is a wide verity of hosts offering WordPress hosting solutions, each of these has their own perks and pitfalls, read more below to find out which one is best for you.


1&1 are arguably the best value for money WordPress host there is! They have a simple and intuitive user interface which is very easy to use. They offer a clear pricing scheme and have a 24 hour customer service team ready to answer any questions you have or attend to any issues you are having. Their team are also extremely knowledgable and provide timely responses.

They also allow unlimited visitors and unlimited email addresses even on their most basic package, where as some other providers limit you. All this combined with an easy and simplistic set up makes 1&1 all round good choice for your WordPress site. Find out more here.



GoDaddy is one of the bigest WordPress providers on the market, they boast high up time and affordable costs.

GoDaddy will make it very simple to jump right in and get started with a WordPress site, they offer packages including domain names to get your blog started within minutes rather than hours. They have an excellent support team who are willing and ready to answer all of your questions.

GoDaddy also has a huge number of themes and plugins available for you to use on your blog so you can get it just how you want it.

Not only do GoDaddy provide all of this great content, excellent customer support and simple set up, but they also offer a 45 day money back guarantee, which is more than the standard 30 day money back guarantee!

Find out more here on their site.